I have a blend of experience in elected office, community service, work and schooling that uniquely qualifies me to be your next mayor. You’ll also meet several generations of my family, including some of the earliest settlers of our community….

I have deep roots in this community

Have you ever wondered where a lot of City street names came from? Some of my distant relatives owned Lonsdale Estates, a developer that set up in North Vancouver in the late 1800s. In addition to Lonsdale and Heywood, streets such as Cloverley, Calverhall,  Shavington, Pemberton and Fell are names in the family or places near Liverpool in the UK where my family is from.

The first of my branch of the Heywood family immigrated to Canada in the 1920s and my father was the first Heywood to return to North Vancouver. I’ve lived in North Vancouver since 1970.  I left after high school to go to university but returned soon after to raise my own family and have lived here ever since.